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2011/06/11 – BSL Special ‘DJ Andres Leguizamon Special Radio Show’

DJ Andres Leguizamon

2011/06/11 23:00 – (1º Part)
BSL Special ‘DJ Andres Leguizamon Special Radio Show’
Mixed by DJ Andres Leguizamon (Bogotá-Colombia)

The artist who goes by the name started deejaying in the local ‘Chapinero’ scene several years ago. After spinning good ol’ house music in local bars like Magnolia, Antifona, Cuarto Beat, In Vitro, among others, Andres Leguizamon has turned to the more heart-warming sounds of cumbia, gaita and bullerengue in search of a sound that makes both local and global audiences’ butts shake. A young musician (piano, guitar), and self-regarded as a selector since his early teens, something of a love for dirty jazz music still crosses his sessions.

Entzuteko sakatu hemen / Click here to listen: 2011/06/11 – 01

01. Jazz Juice – Too Horny – Freestyle
02. S.m.o.v. – Bossa Get Down – Wack
03. Club des Belugas – Habana Twist – Audiographics
04. The Captain – We Will Rock You – Resense
05. Beatconductor feat. De la Soul – I Want Some Mo – Dicey
06. Rebel Crew – Bo Bo Break – Bstrd Boots
07. Boogaloo – Dig! (Salsa Hip Hop mix) – GAMM
08. Palov & Mishkin feat. Bnc – Block Rock –  Cast-A-Blast
09. Beatconductor – Guarambembere – Dicey
10. Palov & Mishkin – Rata Del – Cast-A-Blast
11. The Bas Lexter Ensample – La Esquina – Deja Tunes
12. Makala – Bacalao Al Pil-Pil (Dj Farrapo Remix) – Lovemonk
13. Dj Farrapo & Yanez – Mojito Com Cachaça (Shantisan Extended Remix) – Unreleased
14. Mestre Curica – Carimbó Pra Maria (Lucio K Remix) – Mais Um Discos
15. Diesler with Stan Lee – Mr. Nice – Diesler Music