2012/03/21 – BSL Special ‘Miguel Angel Sutil “Enlace Funk” Special Radio Show’


2012/03/21 24:00
BSL Special ‘Miguel Angel Sutil “Enlace Funk” Special Radio Show’
Mixed by Miguel Angel Sutil (Madrid)

We are proud to present in BSL a wonderful mix of Salsa Dura mixed by the Spanish funk genious Miguel Angel Sutil, founder of best Iberian magazine called “Enlace Funk” . Miguel Angel is very well known in Madrid dj scene since many years ago, he spins regularly in clubs like Kathmandu, Maderfaker, La Boca del Lobo, La Via Lactea… Lately on his sets he is playing more & more sounds of Latin genre like Salsa Dura, Son Guaganco, Guaracha,… in a magic way! Enjoy and dance with his great & sabroso mix!!! Gracias M.A.!!!

Entzuteko sakatu hemen / Click here to listen: 2012/03/21 – 02

01. JUSTO BETANCOURT. Ahora Es Cuando es
02. JIMMY SABATER. Por la primera vez
03. EDWIN BONILLA. Yo soy la candela
05. LA EXCELENCIA. La economía
06. EDDIE PALMIERI. Sujetate la lengua
07. BIO RITMO. La verdad
08. FANIA ALL STARS: Dinamita
09. EL GRAN COMBO DE PUERTO RICO. Sin salsa no hay paraiso
10. SONORA PONCEÑA. Estrellas son las del cielo
11. BATACUMBELE. Se le ve
12. LEBRO BROTHERS. Trompetas
13. ORQUESTA ZODIAC. El adios.

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